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Pickup is a game where people just show up and play. It is only somewhat organized. Recommended equipment is one white and one dark shirt, shoes or cleats, water, and possibly a disc.

Generally pickup in Indianapolis goes from late March to October. Basically when daylight saving time is in effect. Nice days in the winter attract players too. This is by no means a hard rule… we played in the snow last year. :)

Here is a listing of the known games in Indy and surrounding regions. There might be more out there… Click on “View Larger Map” to get directions from your very own house.

Downtown – American Legion Mall
Northeast – Sahm Park
Northeast – Brooks School Park
Northeast – McCordsville
Broad Ripple – Broad Ripple Park


Where: American Legion Mall (see map below)
Sundays at 2PM (see Facebook Group)
Level: medium, some players will wear cleats
Numbers: enough for a game of 7 on 7 with subs will show up on nice days
Contact: Check the Facebook group above, or contact Joel.

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Northeast side – Sahm Park

Where: Sahm Park (see map below)
When: Wednesdays and Saturdays
Info: Meetup group

Co-ed Casual Sports Meetup has an Ultimate game in Sahm Park that meets regularly.

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Northeast – McCordsville

Where: McCordsville Town Hall Field (6280 W 800 N, McCordsville, IN 46055)
When: Sundays at 3PM, rain or shine (March – October)
Level: Medium, most players will wear cleats. Coed, and open to anyone high school and above.
Numbers: anywhere from seven to fourteen players.
Contact: Email Sean Gilbertson; see also the facebook group.

Broad Ripple

Where: Broad Ripple Park (see map below)
When: Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm
Numbers: usually 7-on-7 w/ subs or a couple games of 5on5 to 7on7
Contact: Monday – David Lichtenberger (
Contact: Thursday – Ryan Elmore (
Confirmed active: 2014

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Avon (West Side)

Where: Washington Township (Avon) park located just off Rockville road (about 5min west of SR 267)
When: Games are on Tuesdays from second week of May to early August. People usually show up around 6 and play begins at 6:30 PM.
Level: Most there wear cleats. Age range is from 16-50 years
Numbers: have been playing there for over 10 years now and numbers range from 8-20 players each week.
Contact: to sign up to get on the email list
Confirmed active: 2013, 2014

Play on the fields northeast of the marker:

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Danville (West Side)

Where: Ellis Park’s football field (Danville) just north of the main park on Pittsboro Rd.
When: Sundays from 2-4p
Level: Well organized. Most players wear cleats. Ages from high school to 50+
Special: “last back” is played
Numbers: 7’s with subs

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There is a game at IUPUI in the middle of campus every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They play at the courtyard or Taylor Yard from 4:00 to 8:00. Non-summer (when school is in session) seems to be the best time to get a game.

Here’s a map showing the field location:

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Eric Fairbrother, Rob Barr, and others play a pick up game every Monday at 6:30pm in Plainfield, IN. It is on the West side of the park near the Amphitheater. We would suggest anyone wanting to come to have cleats. There is also a Facebook group with info and directions.